domingo, 15 de noviembre de 2009

Rosa Blanca

I want to talk about a book. Its name is Rosa Blanca. This book was written by Bruno Traven. He was born in Germany, but he moved to Mexico and wrote too many books about the indigenous population, specially from Chiapas.

Rosa Blanca was a huge and beautiful tropical ranch; its inhabitants were indigenous. The organization was based on traditions and in the special characteristics of the indigenous. They used to solve the problems very easy, nobody used to be nervous, angry or in a hurry. They worked in peace the plot agreed with the number of mouths in each family.

.. The owner was an indigenous too, his name was Jacinto, but he, as an indigenous, didn’t feel like the owner, and there wasn’t any difference with the other inhabitants. He felt his ancestors were entrust him Rosa Blanca, and he was worry about the well-being of the community.

.. Rosa Blanca’s people used to live happy and in peace, but Condor Oil, an American oil company, wanted to increase its possessions and wealth. The president was Mr. Collins, an ambitious man; he had too many material possessions. He had a wife, a daughter, and too many ambitious lovers too, then he needed money because of all the luxuries. Mr. Collins´s heart doesn´t have as much love as Jacinto´s heart.

.. Don Jacinto and Mr. Collins had many different wishes: Don Jacinto wished he had lived in Rosa Blanca forever with all his people; Mr. Collins wished he were the richest men in U.S.; Don Jacinto wished the well-being for Rosa Blanca´s community ; Mr. Collins wished he would traveled with Basileen, his favorite lover; Don Jacinto wished the eternal happiness of Rosa Blanca; Mr. Collins wished he were Rosa Blanca’s owner, and he tried this using many strategies: he tried to buy Rosa Blanca and he offered too much money to Don Jacinto, but Condor Oil didn´t have enough money because Rosa Blanca was the life, the mother earth, and the happiness for their inhabitants.

.. Don Jacinto had all his legal papers like owner, then Condor Oil couldn’t steal Rosa Blanca too easy, Mr. Collins tried to bribe the local president, but he was in love of Rosa Blanca and didn´t allow that.

.. His ambitious grew and Mr. Collins needed more money because he had many debts because of his excesses and Rosa Blanca was full of oil, then he recruited Mr. Abner to persuade Don Jacinto. Mr. Abner took advantage of Don Jacinto´s kindness and deceived and killed him.

.. Condor Oil destroyed Rosa Blanca and the people who used to sing and work in Rosa Blanca with the ground and the animals, now they work with dangerous material in the oil well, in a day died twenty eight people. Ambitious and false happiness did slaves all people.

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